Hi, you found us! Co Create Cremorne is a community network of people who are helping take forward some community-led and community-generated ideas for common good.

The project’s mainly about public space. In Cremorne the public space is very limited and it’s boring. We need more public space and we want it be amazing!

Cremorne is riverside, however there’s currently not a strong link with the river. This wasn’t always the case though. Of course local Indigenous people had a strong connection with the river with stories linked to the land and river. And more recently (1850s) people arrived at Cremorne by boat to visit the Cremorne Pleasure Gardens (an 18 th century amusement park with exotic animals, wild entertainment, a maze and other creative sights and sounds. Building on the past, we want to co-create a community space – RIVERSIDE at underpass (cnr Punt and the river under the freeway). You can read the UnderPark  concept here.

As background to the project more broadly, in 2016 chalk stencils were sprayed around Cremorne with the CCC.co logo. That linked to a website asking people what they LOVED about Cremorne and what was NEEDED. The survey’s still open.

All the responses were summarised and what people LOVE is the vibe of the place, small and connected, being on the streets, industrial past, art and the mix of residents and businesses. What’s NEEDED fell into five main areas: streets as places, adding greenery, quality art, residents and businesses mixing and common spaces to work/meet/play outside, with free WiFi. As well as grander ideas for a ground-up plan, linking sustainability and tech, for Cremorne to become a showcase precinct! Thanks to everyone who added ideas!! Then we held a crowdfunded street party on 10 March 2017 where 200 people held a celebration on the street, meeting and catching up with the neighbours. Pictures from the street party are on the Facebook page.

You can read what was said here.

To stay updated on things Cremorne here’s our Facebook and Instagram.

Email us hi@cremorne.co


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