Cremorne map

What’s here and near

Starting off as a map for visitors with cafes and car parks. Locals rescoped to suit needs of residents and businesses to make getting to Cremorne car free (pt/bike) easier for guests and workers. The innovative design forms a staple free booklet and lets people find what’s near and dear.
What’s next – the map will be housed on website as a downloadable file. Residents have said it will be great for house guests and workers suggesting they can email it to people ahead of meetings.

Take a virtual tour of Cremorne’s heritage. Click on the icon links on the map to view historical sites and their statements of significance. Got a piece of history to share? Email us with the details and a picture to → submit.

  1. Richmond Fire Station
  2. Nylex Clock
  3. Bryant and May
  4. Dimmey’s Clock Tower
  5. Slade Knitwear Sign
  6. Rosella Complex
  7. Former Cremorne Pleasure Gardens


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